Joyful jitters

Well the day approaches that I’ll actually have to stand up in front of others and speak. Author Kimmie Thomas’s ( Wine Tasting Event is right around the corner. She recently released her second book “Nursing Dr. Miller” Available now !
I’ve avoided public speaking in lieu of listening. I’ve often wondered if others take it as arrogance or social ineptness on my part? Its neither, and most importantly I’m okay with it.

There are times when I find myself in a crowd of people that are chattering a mile a minute. That’s not really me. I’m sort of a voyeur. When it’s mistaken for arrogance, I’ve found it’s usually from people that don’t have a clue as to whether I’m stuck up or not. I’m comfortable enough with me not to worry about it too much, but smart enough to consider it. I have moments when I prefer to be the listener.

With this pending Spoken Word Engagement the jitters have started to seep in.

You know that saying about when you keep hearing the same thing about yourself then it might be true?
I’ve decided to take heed to some of those things and use them as a plan to level the jitters out. I’ll start out with a few…

“You exude sex”
“You can be quite the flirt”
“Your a tease”
” I had no idea you could talk”
” You come across as a mystery”
“You be everywhere”
I didn’t say that I agreed with those statements. It’s just that I’ve heard them more than once. I’ve played that hand and I’m not upset with the results so far. (Heaven forbid I slip up and show intelligence. I don’t know that might be over the top! A few other statements have been made but I’m going to stick with the ones that earned some consideration on my part.)

Hence the blog post and the flip on the jitters to hopefully give the experience a more positive spin.

“You exude sex”
Its easy for me to think of love making in living color. Be good or be good at it. A lot of things can get wet, from intellect to panties , to sheets, to a face. As long as its good and wet then bare minimum I’ll watch if it’s worth it ….

I’m a flirt.”
(Working on how that came to to be? If I find someone attractive that’s data I keep. I won’t even chase my Pomerian to get him back in house. I tempt him with food. Okay, but most would come back for bacon, I guess. (Thoughtful)<;

“Your a tease.”
It’s mine and no, flat out. Don’t be mad at me. If I’m going to have to look at someone in the morning after a night of passionate love-making AND get them coffee, then listen to them all day talk about how great it was… I vote for me. I will win by a landslide. I will be re-elected every term.

“I had no idea you could talk”
If you could just breathe, I might throw in a word or two.

“You come off as a mystery”
Find Velma and the crew and bring along some Scooby snacks. I can’t be a mystery and solve myself. That’s too much…
(Ability to Delegate)

“You be everywhere”

Nuh- uhn….

(Fiction skills)

Looks like I’m as mentally ready as I had hoped to be….now back to writing….
Copywrite Inakat 2012


About Inakat

Inakat is a writer, Mistress of Mixed Media, and Spoken Word Artist. "When almost sexy isn't good enough"

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    • Thank you much for the reblog and for the incredible opportunity to speak at your event! I had an amazing time and learned so much about wine that I’ve never known. The party was classy yet comfortable. It was a novel idea and I look forward to the next one. Happy holidays and much success with “Nursing Dr. Miller”. It is a romantic cliff-hanger story that grabs the reader from the first page!

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