Are you that boi? The one that approached in my dream? That gripped my thighs and parted the seam? Then penetrated my chocolate cream? Are you that boi? The one with the tongue as easy as butter? T…

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Who’s the boss?

So, it’s clear that I have been absent for more than a moment. I would update you all but it not that unusual, for me anyway.. About five or six books ago I was really ticked off and went off to explore life. It was kind of cool to do new things, but writing is my first love, so here I am.


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So here the top five updates, you might want to know….

  1. He finally managed to shut up long enough to get himself violated. I didn’t kill him but his ego died a violent and traumatic death. Ladies, please don’t laugh, but he ate so much he’s been working out to lose those calories, too much ummm sugar?

  2. He proposed, I said hell no but of course took the diamond ring. Before anyone opens their mouths to say how unfair that it is, bitch please. You have your “goody two shoes” morals, I have my diamonds, he got violated. No one is mad but you, so BYE FELICIA! Go put on a cape and you can be SUPER MAD!

  3. I broke it off. He went about his business for a moment, found a new girl, they broke up, he came back and sat on my porch and burst into tears! I was confused at first, so of course to get rid of him, I asked what the problem was?

    He replied, ” She treated me like a regular guy. It was horrible. I can’t take this shit. Please take me back. She’s so dumb, I came home with a collar as a hint. The next day she came home with a puppy! I will behave in class and everything, I promise, but you have to take me back! I cannot survive without, You are the breath in my lungs..”

  4. MY attitude was not helpful (go figure) and I slapped him mid-sentence, until my palm stung for calling any woman dumb.  Out in the open, in front of my neighbors and everything, he immediately fell to his knees, gave me his wallet, and started kissing my stilettos, while peeking under my skirt. 

  5. I haven’t EXACTLY decided to take him back. Whether, I do or not depends on how big my ring gets on the next level. In the meantime, he is learning how to hand wash panties. It’s a lesson in personal growth and how to truly be of useful service to others (okay, just me..but whatever) First thing I have to do is break him from sniffing them while touching himself though…as if I don’t have enough on my plate.

         CLASS WILL RESUME MARCH 1, 2016




My last post was motivation. It pushed me to do things I have never even dreamed, go places that I never imagined to be, meet interesting people that each gave me some kind of knowledge that I did not have, and experienced personal pleasure on levels that I did not know existed. I would not trade being all of me for anything. This is the realest shit I have ever written.  I have grown from , “I’m going to choke that whore into a coma” about any form of hating, into, “If I were you, I would be mad too. I totally understand, Do you need a hug?” (Disclaimer: That does not mean I am non-violent)

 A note of encouragement from me to you.

Whatever your grind, hustle, dreams, and aspirations are…pursue them with passion. You are going to get tired, you are going to get frustrated, you are going feel as if you might go insane at any fucking minute. You are going to wonder whether it’s worth all the trouble, hate, loss of time and friends, and the constant struggle for success. At that moment do yourself a favor, go find a mirror, look in it, and see why YOU are worth the benefits. Then pick up the pieces, build your life, and watch your dreams come true.


© Inakat 2016


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Pretty Service Announcement – #Motivation

I interrupt my regularly scheduled silly and flirty blog, for a real talk moment!

While I am confident that I can write on anything that I choose to, ultimately I choose what I write about.

Either people read it, comment, like it or don’t. That’s pretty simple and that is true of any writer/author/poet/musician/etc.


Katina appreciates the many people who have shown their support for Inakat Publishing as a whole, individually and as a group. With that said, I would like to take this opportunity to clear up a few misconceptions.

1. Inakat Publishing advocates whatever the hell Katina feels like. It’s a fact, so here’s a good time to get over it. While the owner wholeheartedly acknowledges that there are millions of writers and subjects that she finds distasteful, if not flat-out ignorant, she accepts that such is life. The company has a firm policy on how matters of such natures are dealt with. The writers here just doesn’t bother to read or participate in anything that isn’t conducive to its goal. While that is an extremely radical approach, it is the policy.

2. While sensitive issues such as politics, interracial lovers, sexual freedom, racism, religion, sex trafficking and other hot topics may be found within some of the products available from the company. It is the policy of the owner to refrain from personally endorsing ANY particular group or ideology.  In case this policy is unclear to anyone:

A #Retweet or#Share on #Social Media is not necessarily a personal endorsement of any business, individual, or its practices.

It is the policy of the company to engage, respond, and promote those that do the same for Inakat Publishing in a positive manner. With the intention to increase business for the company, which is the Industry Standard, and common sense and courtesy.

3. Inakat Publishing does not sell or buy reviews for its company,from or for other artists, at this time. If  a review is posted, it is the freely given opinion of the writer. While paid endorsement are a part of the industry, it is the policy at this level of the game, not to indulge. 

4. For all the many things that are said, done, and forced upon new writers and artists in a negative manner, Inakat, the writer, would like to encourage you to continue in the path of your walk. Please do not give up because we, members of society and the world need diversity in the arts. While everyone will not share your views, opinions, or applaud your thoughts, you are still important.

4. Inakat Publishing does NOT indulge, condone, or engage in ANY of the following practices. 

A.) Spamming, harassing, reporting the links of, or any attempt at Cyber-bullying of any artist or company.

B.) Sell or otherwise distribute email addresses. If you signed up for a particular reason for any product or subscription, your information will be used solely for that purpose.

C.) Create fake profiles to endorse or harass other internet users, companies, or their websites.

D.) Use randomly generated email addresses or phone numbers in any effort to discourage, harass, or harm any particular individual or group.

E.)Deliberately block material from legitimate artists.

These practices are considered to be acts of desperation from those that do indulge, as far as this company is concerned. It is tired, weak, lame, a waste of time, and not in the best interest of anyone.

Words of encouragement:

As an artist, I have had my work stolen and paraphrased almost in its entirety by other artists, under the guise of help. I have been spammed, lied on, lied to, and otherwise harassed. I’ve had my work blocked or removed from a site without reason. I have also submitted work that was for sale, given away for free without my permission or compensation. Hell, honestly without even an apology. Yet, I still write. I have been referred to as slut buckets, harlots, whores, bitches, tramps, thief, and other hosts of names meant to discourage. However, I continue to write.

I have had my personal residence trashed, my car stolen among other things that were way more precious to me as a woman and mother, received many threatening text messages, had my email and other accounts hacked, but still I write. I have been accused of things I’ve never done, and wouldn’t do, but still I write. I have seen the  predatory nature of humans up close. Life at its ugliest, under the misguided impression that somehow it would change or convert me, into something, as an artist that I never wished to be. Still, I write.

Why, because this is my goal and my dream. I never thought it would be easy or that I would be a bestselling artist overnight. In my lifetime, I have worked myself to exhaustion for the benefit of others, again for not so much as a simple thank you or fair pay.   I have seen the face of raving and dog-like greed from people who I used to think very highly of. I have watched people who I cared deeply for spend more time projecting their self-esteem issues on others than working on them. It is only logical that I would proceed on my journey, regardless.

 Even if I have to go it alone. There is no relationship worth my self-esteem. If misery is the price of love, then hate me, cause I ain’t paying. When not trying my best is the cost of the respect of a few, charge it to that “in their dream” card, not mine. Anyone that doesn’t want to see you succeed, has issues and there is no way to take someone else s self-hate or insecurities personally.

If the time ever comes for me to tell my personal story, then I will. No one can tell it or write it like me. It is one of the kind of tragic, cut throat betrayal, and backstabbing that can only be labeled as pure fiction. In the meantime, I will continue to write, record, and create. I will go forward toward my goals. I am not the little train that thought I could, I am the woman who does. I am of the distinct philosophy that crabs in a barrel is not something I hope to be, but something to steam, crack, dip in clarified butter, and eat.

I try to be appreciative of the support that I receive from my peers, readers, and fans. I take haters and negativity with a grain of salt. I evaluate the source, intent, and whether it is criticism that can help me improve or just random bullshit. I act according to my comfort and go back to work. That is my advice, to you, the new artist, the new author, the hopeful.

Don’t give in to the temptation to exchange your passion for your work for anything else. That is the value of your work. Your blood, sweat and tears. Your frustrations, your confusions, and yep even those moments of self-doubt. Do your best and expect great things to happen for you and to you. If all it takes is some adversity to derail you, then it is time to question your passion and commitment TO you, not FROM others. A setback is really an opportunity for a better comeback, use it.

I have had many unexpected things that were good come my way. I have had people give me an encouraging smile, nod, thumbs up, or shout out. To those people, I say thanks. You have no idea whether I was on the verge of tears, suicide,  or jumping on flight to Milan without a care in the world. Just the same, you took a moment that you will never get back, from your life, to encourage someone who you don’t even know. I can’t thank you enough. 

While it’s wonderful for others to cheer for you and show support, try to be humble and gracious about it. Others may not always wish you well, but remember that you are selling a product, your passion has its own sentimental value to you. Have a plan and work your plan.

No one journey is the same. I try to keep my heels, head and standards as high as possible. Although, I been told I should “get off my high horse” several times. My response is always the same “Why would I do that instead of hoping that you get up on yours and we ride together?” That is usually enough to convince them that I am in fact as nutty as loon and they quit talking to me. Which is fine. 

I don’t buy snake oil, prayer cloths, or believe that I can buy a seat in heaven or a touch from God for the low price of $19.95. IF someone is motivated by a story, poem, recording, or me as a person that is a plus. At the end of day, I’m not a role model, motivational speaker, healer, or out to win or destroy souls.

I am an entertainer.

I am a lover of the arts.

I am a chemist and experimenter.

I am poetry in motion.

I am an artist.

I wasn’t sure that I could write or learn to write one book. I rarely look back. Today when I did, it was ten books, four singles, one CD soon to be release, my ringtone, and a branded company later. I can’t help but be okay with every single failure, mistake, and sacrifice. It has been worth it. It may not say anything to the next person about my worth, but it speaks volume to me and for me. It says that I thought I was worth the effort. I didn’t melt under the heat and steam. I run off my self-esteem.

How I feel about me is something that NO ONE can take way, break, shake, steal, or change. It showed me faith in myself. Faith that even I never knew that I had. It reminds me why others have faith in me. It is a reason to cherish and honor the fact, to the best of my ability.

 My prayer is that I remain humble and passionate about creating and producing. Should any artist or young woman look to me or my life for inspiration, take this with you.

“You can be whatever it is you want to be. Work hard and if that doesn’t work, then work harder.  Think that you can, believe that you can, and go do it.”

 I am not totally unfazed by some of  the nonsense. I’m a human. It doesn’t make me stronger, it only reminds me of how stupid and pitiful some people lives are. I’m happy that despite it all, I’ve managed to keep my head up and keep it moving!

I wish most of you well, and will see you next blog. In the event that one someone I both admire and respect  reads this, I won’t tell any hater to kiss my ass. However, if it’s somehow in your heart and soul that I implied or meant it anyway….take it for what’s its worth.


Yes, I will be back to doing what I do. If you don’t like it, I can totally understand. What I don’t understand is why visit a site or engage an author that you don’t like. Nevertheless, its your life so waste it however you feel. Got to go back and finish this dance and drink. Life is to live, and I’m on one, mine.

ALL for 1 entertainment…love ya

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Close your mouth, on this…no panties

A quote I saw on Social Media the other day…I’m going to paraphrase it though. 

“Jealousy occurs when you are counting someone words instead of your own!”

It seems that someone, who doesn’t deserve to be named, has been bitten by the little green envy bug over my choice of potential victim.

Close your mouth, on these ten quick facts!


10.) He prayed to get snatched up! Should have spoken to a higher power or something.

9.) I asked did he want to talk about desires just in case something popped off, He said, “I like it better when it’s a mystery,”

8.) After watching him wrap his tongue around a Starbucks Coffee Cup, even I had to stop and go “For real? Damnnnnnn”

7) My potential “victim” pushed down the UPS guy and screamed” FU dude, I’m delivering that package. She wants me. If she’s gonna molest any grown ass man, It’s gonna be me! I read the book, I know what happens! That’s Mine, Mine, Mine!”

6.) He was very clear about respect for the most important woman in his life, the one that gave him life, his own mother!

(Something incredibly sexy about a man who bows down to the womb)

5.) When I frisked him he suggested it would be better for both of us, if I did that again, naked, but leave the heels on, please.

4.) After I brushed my pretty brown round across his crotch by “accident”, he turned on Pandora and asked me to dance with him, like a real man would…a true panty-wetter!

3.) When I stated that I hadn’t eaten a sausage in years, I heard a distinctive thump on the floor. No, he didn’t pass out, but I’m very curious about that sound. Could it have been …sausage? Oh my!

2.) After he found out that I was a #Badgirl, his response was- “Bad is good!”

1.) I mentioned that I hadn’t made love this year,. I came back home and found gutters and downpours on the house!

He’s one post from my personal phone number…..please people don’t help him! 

At this point let’s just assume that he knows what he’s getting himself into……

I have to get an honest job soon, but I must admit, I kinda want to frisk him some more……you know just to be sure he’s safe to talk to further. Yeah, that’s my story..lol

In conclusion, hater you should be madder than a pimp without clients!. It’s almost a guarantee that he’s about the hit the some prime, extremely tight, silky wet, untainted, ….oh never mind. Hater get back to work, but know he doesn’t care. He’s focused on the prize…




He asked for it! ( for Women)

 Top ten ways he asked to be victimized!

10.) You offer dinner but he insists on dessert first.

9.) He comes to your bedroom door and asks, “do you have anything I could snack on in here?”

8.) He drops a note by your feet while picking up..I don’t know let’s say a gift bag or something..and the note reads something like…


Dear MILF,

I have not been victimized before, however I understand that you might be taking applications. Although I work, I can be available on…

7) He throws the forks on the floor, just so he has to crawl under the table to get them.

6.) He keeps his hands folded over his crotch when he’s around you, but you still notice a lump. (He knew he couldn’t hide all that!)

5.) You mention that you need a plumber and he responds, “I’m just the man for the job!”

4) You lick the salt from the edge of your margarita and then the table tilts up from where he’s sitting……

3.) The scent of his cologne makes you want to grab him by the tie and (fill in the blank) on the spot. 

2.) You went to bed last night and dreamed about snatching him behind a closed-door and closing the blinds!

and the number one way to spot a potential victim…..

He brings his OWN restraints, blindfold, and strawberries……..







The missing guy that smelled so good has been found!

Turns he needed a few days of rest. All that panicking for nothing! Shame on  all of you!. 

Please don’t apologize, thank you very much. (I have my arms folded and nose stuck in the air.)

Now about the missing stuff from downstairs… oh wait. I’m sure it’s on the list somewhere. 

Which is good news…sorta. As long as we can all remain calm when an attractive guy is temporarily misplaced, things should be fine.

Where was he? He was found Katnapping in a nearby area? Okay under a tree by my house. Probably a little side effect from over eating.

Here’s the Top Ten ways to tell that a Man that has been molested and…

doesn’t want YOUR help.



10. He has claw marks on his back but refuses any would care, except for warm running water.

9. He prefers to get that simple wound care in the same shower with the vixen that  allegedly “molested” him.

8. You’ve spent hours trying to convince him that he should turn her in and he gives you the “WTF are you stupid” face!

7. He shouts her out on Social Media and when you ask why he says “Huh?”

6.You catch him looking a semi-naked pictures of her and rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

5. When she yells at him to put his damn hands up! He doesn’t pump his fist in the air like they do at concerts. Instead he complies quietly…and then laces his fingers behind his head?

4.When he uses his last bit of energy to drag himself back to where he came from. Worn out, his tie missing, one sock,  with freshly cut grass in his cuffs, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. At least not to any male friends…

3. When you pick up the phone to call 911 for HIM, but he wrestles you to the ground and takes it away from you.

2. He suddenly wants to go Cologne shopping. You’re walking through the mall and lose him. You find him in a Women’s shoe store gingerly fingering a pair of stilettos.

The number one reason…..drum roll please…

All of a sudden, he constantly in the mirror, practicing sexy poses to be frisked, while doing tongue curls, in boxer shorts.


Time for a warm shower………..

#Inakatsays #you can put your hands down, now…  #wetter #Twista #Tonguetied?





Heels and a blindfold…

If any of you have noticed that the guy that’s been hanging around is missing, please read the official statement from my spokesperson. Under the advice of my attorney, Ms. Thomas. I decline to answer any questions but would like to make a previously prepared statement later. Thank you.

Hostess and Author (Inakat)


“While our hostess is distraught over the recent events, (She’s not laughing, really, she’s not, okay maybe a little) She is hoping for the safe return of the aforementioned person. The Mistress Katogorically denies that anyone was forced to have sex with a vixen. Nevertheless it is true that the missing person was seen mowing the grass, and other repairs. After the blog warning.  The heels and green and gold silky scarf found over the shade is still at the lab. We are sure that the results will exonerate my client.  We fully expect after a careful page by page review of the evidence. My client will be cleared from the suspects list.

Neighbors reported seeing someone leave the house tired, slightly disheveled and mentally exhausted, We are confident that the “alleged”victim hasn’t met any foul” role” play. In fact, the person hinted that a return visit was needed for other repairs and umm stuff to passersby.

Meanwhile, the hostess has been busy at work on the construction of the following properties:

Inakat’s House 


Inakat’s Mansion

Both of which she would like to extend an invitation to you. As the owner of this organization and Inakat’s personal council, I can assure you that my client only wants what’s best for  business. She is eager to return to work full-time in addition to the continuation of  her role  as the manager for both properties. Thank you for your time.”



Statement from Inakat

“I would appreciate if that strange man that has been groping  my spine in that mann..(ahem)..er, would keep those damn hands up where I can see them. I understand the powerful effect of the #hash-tag and how easily one could succumb under extremely graphic conditions. Lately, there has been plenty of  successful motivation to sit down and discuss your actions over hot chocolate or a Double shot or Platinum and Lime Juice. 

Letz be honest , straight to the point, brief and under the covers. I would never leave you hungry but possibly tired, a lot.

This was clearly a role “play at your own risk” game that sparked through the Art of Listening, finally.

After a sweet and innocent kiss of life from a smooth operator, I needed a day to recoup.

This is nothing is the post, that should be taken as any sort of self-incrimination , that concerns the sexual assault of any would be self-identified male victim.  There is also nothing here to suggest that said individual is safe, either.

Excuse me while I make this quick exit…and Thank you for coming by.

Please enjoy this video while I ummm, help look for the missing person. I don’t why I was even a potential suspect. I’ll be out in the lobby…frisking..I mean screening the guests. 

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