On to the New Year 2017

It’s been a minute since I have posted here. For those of you who may have wondered were the hell I went…I am more active at http://www.inakat.com and @Inakat1 on Twitter. Any way, I did miss …

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On to the New Year 2017

It’s been a minute since I have posted here. For those of you who may have wondered were the hell I went…I am more active at www.inakat.com and @Inakat1 on Twitter.


Any way, I did miss some of you and for those that I did not, I wish you the same as always, which is nothing. A new year in my culture is usually the time we look at what has gone by and vow to make changes to improve ourselves. Sometimes, we think and assess things that we have learned over the time. For many of us, these things tend to be profound and a path to transformation. I said some for many of us….not err body!

Personally, I realized a few thing about me, one of which is that I enjoyed writing from my humorous and blunt side too. The other is that I like to make lists to keep track of things, so don’t judge me.

Things I learned in 2016

  •  Genuine people are as rare as purple elephants with green stripes.
  • Sex has nothing to do with emotions for me, as a woman.
  • I have forgiven most of the past as an African-American person in the United States except slavery, gentrification, genocide, discrimination, systematic destruction of the black family, unfair application and construction of laws, refusing to honor the Civil Rights Act of 1964, racial inequality/injustice, and the Trump card. However, we are good on everything else.
  • That I am possibly married to a fictitious poetic character in real life who does NOT like the idea of me doing the nasty with other random people, (even if in a world of fiction) but they never once bothered to just come out and say: “That’s mine, flat OUT!” or “”I thought that WE were a couple!”  or at least “Before you go, can we talk this out?”(If there is a hint here for anyone who reads my blog and clowned me for something that I never ACTUALLY DID…well, it’s my blog)
  • That of all the things that I have thought I had to face alone, I was apparently never alone.
  • That for all the years that I spent with my heart locked away, that someone held the key all along and for that I am forever thankful. For those moments in time, I got to feel the most amazing energy.Now, the words ‘truly blessed” have significance in my life.golden-translucent-curves-18479

Things I plan to resolve in the New Year!

  • Making my plump hips fit into sexy clothes without “the Camel Toe” look. I have been told it is a “distracting enticement?” I don’t know how true that is but the person who said it never once looked up at my face…mmm
  • Socializing more often. This does not mean that I plan to become a social butterfly, I will just plan to be in more places. I still rarely talk to random people and I’m cool with that.
  • The level of annoyance that I had when people “EXPECTED” me to conform to fit into “their” mold, even if it means disrespecting who really I am. As if I were completely happy with who they are/were, seriously.
  • Smile, laugh, love, and enjoy life more than I have ever done!



In this past year alone, I have faced bi-lateral breast cancer, a crumbled poser “Cookie”, a job loss, a system that would rather you die than help, and the usual assortment of haters, broke ass liars, and loud mouth wanna be’s. I think that I handled most of it with my own sense of style, grace, and class. In many ways including to leave them with their own misery. Of course some will call it hateful, while I see it as maturity.

If I have to lie to or hide my real self from any person or group, then I don’t belong in it. The mere thought of involuntary slavery is as oppressive as ever, and yet role-play kink is still sexy as ever to me. With the write person, of course, but that person does not need me to tell them that, right?

It is human nature to want to be liked, but it is not mandatory, for me any how. I will still try to be civil to MOST people this upcoming year because I have no idea what anyone else is going through. However, I still resist the purely evil urge to become the kind of person that I have zero respect for, just to teach somebody a lesson.


My only advice for future participants in my life is this… I believe that great things are possible for me and that it is never too late to try. I also think that most people are capable of some form of greatness. Hate does nothing, but love works wonders. I would suggest that you start with loving yourself…I’m just saying.

If you DO NOT want to see others shine…then damn it don’t look at them!

Now excuse me, I have a very upset role-play participant that is insistent that they be frisked, booked, and taken full advantage of sexually…

oh yeah I almost forgot…



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